If you are looking for an authentic, genuine, insightful leader who will connect with your team on a personal level, providing a high caliber learning experience you can apply right now, then you are in the right place.

Whether in a small group, retreat setting, or large conference event, people will leave with their spirits uplifted and their hearts challenged.


Leaders can sometimes feel isolated in their roles as executives or CEO’s. There are heavy decisions to manage, with much at stake. More than one CEO  has told me that they have never before had a “safe place” to confidentially talk through the stresses of leadership, personnel struggles, ethical dilemmas, board development, or succession planning with a trusted coach who has been there.


Strengths Development

Beginning with a focus on strengths, and the pioneering work of Dr. Donald Clifton, individuals, teams, and organizations can see growth, engagement, and overall life impact from an ongoing pursuit of excellence and their inherent uniqueness. The combination of strengths, gifts, and talents are what make us unique, and wonderfully capable to live lives of impact and purpose.

Strengths-Based Leadership

Consistent with the individual strengths development approach, organizations can see marked growth, impact, and return on investment, from identifying and implementing a leadership approach and culture based on leveraging strengths, gifts, and talents to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Visions, Values & Actions Framework

These three components are encompassed in a sequence and process that identifies what your desired future is, what values drive your desired future, and then designs a progression of actions and steps to arrive at your desired future and outcomes.

Career Planning & Preparation

For those who are early career professionals, a reflective and personal process examines career motivations and origins, inspirations and aspirations, to create a multi-year career roadmap. For those professionals who are mid-career and desire an examination of their next career chapter, or “second half” the process examines longer-term work goals and legacy considerations.

Work, Calling & Vocation

For those who desire a stronger integration of their personal values, life’s work and career, CMG offers an intentional examination of your values in order to help form a clearer vocational path driven by your strengths, purpose and passions.


Our global workforce is in the midst of a historic shift, with Baby Boomers retiring by the thousands, while the largest generation in the workforce is now Millennials.
With a generation of leaders and employees in transition, with a new generation of emerging leaders in the workplace, the importance of knowledge transfer, people development, culture and mentoring has never been more critical.
Does your organization currently have a robust mentoring program in place to access this wealth of skills and knowledge, while investing in newer hires, and early career professionals in their 30’s?

Would you like to?

Jeff has worked with dozens of companies over the last 20 years, and can guide you toward a mentoring model that will positively impact employee engagement and retention. 


The range of possibilities for speaking events are broad and varied. Over the past 20 years, Jeff has spoken to crowds ranging from 1000-3000 in university and secondary education settings, corporate seminars and academic conferences with large groups of 50-100, smaller teams and company summits, as well as leadership retreats. Those who know Jeff describe his speaking style as “having a conversation with an old friend”. A mix of storytelling, real-life examples, current data and research, with authentic, valuable insights await those who have the opportunity to spend an hour, or a day with him.
Discover Your Strengths

An introduction to the CliftonStrengths® Assessment, and how a focus on strengths can bring about discoveries that enhance our work, life, and personal growth, including practical applications, insights, and tools.

Building a Strengths-Based Organization

Beyond discovering strengths as an individual, organizations and teams can identify specific steps and strategies for building a strengths approach into their organizational practices, processes, and professional development.

Strengthening Communication and Trust

Identify how trust is established and strengthened, strategize ways that trust advances and grows, and create action goals for handling challenging conversations & strengthening trust.

Communication and Difficult Conversations

Preferences and elements of communication, ways communication can go well/go badly and how to affect it, prepare strategies for handling difficult conversations, and set goals for improving communication & managing conflict

Becoming a Team Player

What does it look like to be at your best? What are the traits and virtues of a team player? Cultivating a culture of collaboration and teamwork.

Finding Life Integration: Beyond Balance

Beyond the search for “balance” we can integrate life priorities, people, resources, and time. This model is about integration, strength and choices.

Growing Employee Engagement

What do employees desire from their work, and how are they more fully engaged and inspired in their vocation? A look at the similar and different variables, across generations in the workplace. Where is the most return on investment (ROI) for your training and people development?

Creating a Mentoring Culture

Now, more than ever, mentoring is key in high-performing organizations. What does a mentoring culture look like, how do we establish it, and what steps are needed?

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